Bio blok Plastic Filter Tube Set Media for Water Filtration & Fish Pond RAS of Fish Farm
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Updated date: 2021/04/21

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    • Plastic Filter Tube Set Media for Water Filtration & Fish Pond RAS of Fish Farm


      SmallBoss® Bio-Block

      Structured filter media Bio Block


      After years of research and development and 

      rich experience in polyethylene extrusion, 

      small boss company developed the 

      structured filter media Bio-Block. Bio-Block 

      has been widely used in small sewage

      treatment projects in Europe, involving

      domestic sewage, industrial wastewater

      and aquaculture wastewater.


      Item Name Description



      Material: HDPE

      Specifications:50*50*50CM (Customized)

      Packing Number:10*10 or customized

      Life-span :15years

      Efficient surface area:350m²/m³

      Diameter of pipes:50mm

      Free Sample: Yes

      Custom Parameters: No problem

      Packing: Stacked in containers

      Certificate:ROHS etc.

      Features: Light weight,Non-toxic,Pollution-free,

      Environment-friendly products

      Business Type: Factory

      Industry Experience: 28 years

      The structured filter media Bio Block is extruded from high-density polyethylene (HDPE) and welded to form a three-dimensional grid processing unit. The unique reticular tube structure on its surface provides a special culture medium for microorganisms. The surface of the Bio Block is relatively rough, which enhances the ability of bacteria in wastewater to grow on the carrier. These strains can widely treat and degrade organic impurities in wastewater. The surface of Bio Block is used as the culture medium of special strains, and its treatment ability depends on its specific surface area. The larger the specific surface area, the more bacterial population and the better treatment capacity.


      Use spray to degas CO2

      Specific surface area for biological activity

      When bacteria (biological film or biofilm) grow on a level surface, the specific surface area will remain constant even with the establishment of a thicker biofilm. Bio-block, however, is designed as a helical structure, based on oval threads with a defined diameter. If these threads become thicker due to growth in the thickness of the biofilm, the specific biologically active surface increases correspondingly.


      Nitrifying bacteria and denitrifying bacteria grow rapidly on the rough Bio-Block.

      General requirements for biological filter media in order to achieve optimal treatment results:

      1. The filter media should have a relatively rough surface in order to enhance rapid establishment of a biologically active surface (biofilm).

      2. The filter media must have a structure that makes back wash and cleaning operations on site possible. Canals have to be vertical and through the entire media column.

      3. The filter media must have a structure that ensures optimal oxygen transfer to the bio-film i.e. it must have sufficiently high porosity.

      4. The filter media must never clog and it must have self-cleaning properties. The structure must allow shed biofilm fragments to pass unhindered throughout the filter.

      5. The filter media modules should be constructed with circular or oval threads. Bacterial growth on a circular or oval surface increases the diameter, thus increasing the specific biologically active surface area.

      (Please note! This is in opposition to media with flat surfaces on which the specific biologically active surface area is constant).

      6. The filter media has to be biologically and chemically non-degradable.

      7. The filter media must be self-supporting and mechanically strong. It must be able to carry overlying material and personnel should be able to walk freely and perform service tasks without deformation of the media.

      8. The filter media must be UV stable and it must tolerate potential variations in temperature.

      9. The filter media should be made from an environmentally compatible material (i.e. no PVC compounds or glue).

      10. The filter media must be modular and easy to handle. This will ease installation and potential temporary removal in order to perform service tasks below the filter.

      11. The filter media


      In biological wastewater treatment, it has unique flexibility, which can improve the capacity of treatment flow change and load. About 70% carbon dioxide can be removed and PH balance can be maintained by trickle filtration. The dissolved oxygen can be greatly increased to 5mg / L by water fall. It can also be used as solid bed packing instead of brush packing to culture biofilm and remove nitrite effectively.

      In practical engineering application, the structured filter media Bio Block has modular design, easy installation, no support, and can be used in any pool type; high strength self-supporting system, lightweight and deformation free; mesh porous structure, to ensure full gas-liquid exchange, enhance dissolved oxygen content; self-cleaning, biofilm does not block. It is a new direction of packing selection.

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    Title: Bio blok Plastic Filter Tube Set Media for Water Filtration & Fish Pond RAS of Fish Farm